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Rent a Backhoe in Detroit, Michigan

Using Backhoes

A backhoe is a piece of equipment used for excavating. The backhoe consists of a digging bucket, called the shovel, and a two-part arm, known as the boom and dipper stick. While backhoes are often mounted to the back of the vehicle, they were named based on the backward digging action of the shovel. These machines have a unique combination of speed and precision for optimal performance and productivity.

backhoe bucket

Providing You with Options

At Ever-Joy Rent All Corp, we understand that projects have different needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of backhoe options. Whether your project needs extra reach, a more versatile machine or a specific vehicle size, we have the right options for you. Visit our showroom and find the options that best fit the needs of your project.

2WD Versus 4WD

Ever-Joy Rent All Corp offers both 2WD and 4WD backhoe options. For most projects, 2WD is a good option for your projects. However, if you are using a backhoe with a front-end loader or are on an uneven surface, we recommend using a backhoe offering 4WD capabilities. 

Size Options

Backhoe sizes correspond to the power take-off horsepower the machine has. Sub-compact backhoes have up to 20 PTO horsepower, compact backhoes have up to 40 PTO horsepower and standard refers to anything larger. 


If your project requires more reach from a backhoe, Ever-Joy Rent All Corp has the solution for you. By adding an extendahoe, your bucket will be able to reach an extra five to six feet. Contact our team today to see how an extendahoe can improve your project.

Backhoe Loader

While backhoes consist of a shovel, backhoe loaders come with the addition of a front-end loader. These are versatile machines with many uses, including construction, landscaping and other dirt removal jobs. To learn more about backhoe loaders, give us a call today.