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Air Compressors

Rent an Air Compressor in Detroit, Michigan

All About Air Compressors

Air compressors create potential energy by pressurizing air. This air is compressed to a specific level and delivered in a steady stream. Air compressors are commonly used to power pneumatic tools, but can also be used for more creative purposes. With an air compressor, you have the ability to fill a tire with air, use an airbrush, clean crevices and more. For more ideas on air compressor uses, call our knowledgeable staff today.

running air compressor

Choose an Air Compressor

Air compressors provide power to a wide range of tools in a wide range of applications. While all air compressors pressurize the air, different compressors are better for certain situations based on their type, size and tank. To get the best results that you deserve, talk to the staff at Ever-Joy Rent All Corp. We will help you find an air compressor that fits your project and your budget.

Types of Air Compressor

The two main types of air compressors are rotary screw and piston. Rotary screw machines use a pair of matched helical screws that drive air into a chamber while simultaneously compressing the air. Piston compressors use a series of one-way valves where the air then becomes compressed.  


Air compressors can either have tanks or be tankless. Tankless air compressors have to constantly run but are often smaller and quieter. These air compressors are good for small projects like filling a tire or a small airbrush. For larger jobs, we recommend the tanks.


Small air compressors are good for smaller jobs.  However, large air compressors should be used for larger jobs, including painting vehicles, sandblasting and cleaning machinery. If you are unsure of what size you need, the staff at Ever-Joy Rent All Corp can help.

Cubic Feet per Minute

At Ever-Joy Rent All Corp, we offer air compressors with different standard cubic feet per minute (CFM). This allows you to find an air compressor with enough power for all your needs. If you need help calculating the standard CFM, our staff is ready to help you figure it out.